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Finger Ray

Use our interactive Finger Ray to help you ace your hand therapy studies.

This finger ray is capable of being manipulated to demonstrate important concepts relating to conditions of the hand such as Boutonniere and Swan Neck deformities, ligament tears, arthritis, and tendon pathologies. It is great for mastering joint mobilization techniques such as anterior and posterior glides of the MP, PIP, and DIP joints, and can even be distracted to show dislocations of the finger. Adorn your finger with materials such as Wikki Stix, pajama elastic, or Coban to create “ligaments”, “tendons”, and other soft tissue structures. Each Finger Ray set consists of a metacarpal, proximal, middle and distal phalanx. It comes with a clear, rigid, plastic display case to keep at your treatment table for use during patient education or to stay protected amidst the books in your study bag.  Colors may vary slightly.  Made in the USA.

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