Party Favors = fun OT treats!

Party Favors = fun OT treats!

So my kiddos went to a birthday party this past weekend and came home with goody bags filled with (yes, cheap, but) COOL tiny toys that are great for fine motor skills!  I love the teeny Connect 4 game and the mazes.  I will be snagging a few of these for my clinic!!  Shhh….don’t tell my kids!

Ideas as to how you can use these in your clinic:

Connect 4 – in-hand manipulation, proprioception vision occluded, fine prehension training, thumb stability training (make a nice “O” when you pick these up 🙂

Pinball/Maze – wrist proprioception training, wrist ROM, bilateral hand use, hand-eye coordination, lateral pinch

Ball & Paddle with Hole – hand-eye coordination, elbow flexion/extension, grip strength/endurance, forearm stabilization

Jack & Ball Set – hand-eye coordination, dexterity, speed training, coordination

Puzzle – (you can pull in apart!)  bilateral hand coordination, fine motor strengthening, stabilization training

Mini “Rubik’s” Cube – bilateral hand coordination, proprioception, hand strengthening

The best part – apparently you can get 100 pieces for around $34.  At that price, I might consider giving them away to patients if it means improving compliance with their home program!  Email us to find out where to get these 🙂